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Bisaya English Translation of yawa

What is the definition and translation of yawa in English?

Cebuano English Part of Speech
yawa demon (US) \daemon (Brit.) \devil \evil noun
yawa demon (see also yawa) noun
panulay demon (US) \daemon (Brit.) \devil \evil noun
panuway demon (US) \daemon (Brit.) \devil \evil noun
demonyo demon (US) \daemon (Brit.) \devil \evil noun
Satanas Satan noun
Lusiper Lucifer noun
kayawan-on devilishness (see also kadaotan) noun
kapanulayon devilishness (see also kadaotan) noun
kapanuwayon devilishness (see also kadaotan) noun
demonism belief in the existence and powers of demons noun
demonolatry the worship of demon or devil noun
demonophobia fear of demons noun
diaboliarch the master of demons; king of the devils noun
incubi plural of incubus noun
incubus a male spirit that forces himself sexually on a living woman noun
satanism the worship of Satan with the principles and rites of a cult that appears to be a satirical imitation of Christian ceremonies noun
satanophobia fear of Satan noun
succubi plural of succubus noun
succubus female spirit that forces herself sexually on a living man noun


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