Bisaya English Translation of tubig

In bisaya english dictionary, "tubig" is "water". See more translations below.

tubig noun
ang likido nga ilimnon, panghugas, o pangkaligo noun
ang likido nga midagayday sa suba noun
tubig nga inasinan noun
salted water
tubig nga inasinan og daghan noun
tubig-dagat noun
tubig-ulan noun
tubig-mainom noun
drinking water \potable water
tubig ilimnon noun
drinking water \potable water
tubig nga gipanghugas o ighuhugas noun
tubig nga naa ilawom sa yuta noun
underground water
ilawom sa tubig adjective
wanang o dako nga tangke nga pundohanan sa tubig noun
water reservoir
ang tagakabo o tagahatod og tubig-ilimnon noun
water boy
dili masudlan og tubig adjective
watertight \vacuum-packed (see also silyado)
dili mabasa sa tubig adjective
dili matuhopan og tubig adjective
aqua noun
aqua pura noun
pure water, especially distilled
aqua regia noun
royal water, mixture of hydrochloric & nitric acids used by alchemist to dissolve gold
aqua vitae noun
water of life
brine noun
water that is heavily mixed with salt, as in salt solution used in making pickles or as preservative
deuterium oxide noun
a “heavy water”
hard water noun
water that contains lots of magnesium, calcium, or iron salts that would cause the soap and shampoo not to lather easily
heavy water noun
water composed of heavy isotopes of hydrogen or oxygen, or of both; esp., deuterium oxide, which is water composed of ordinary oxygen and deuterium, used chiefly as a coolant in nuclear reactors. Also called “deuterium oxide.”
hydrophobia noun
fear of water
hydrotechny noun
use of water for driving machinery, etc.
hydrothermal adjective
pert. to earth’s hot water & its geol. action
lyssophobia noun
fear of water due to rabies
rain water noun
water fallen as rain
sorbet noun
water ice usually made from fruits
water power noun
the force produced by waterfall or descent in a watercourse capable to drive machinery, turbines, etc.


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