Bisaya English Translation of tiil

In bisaya english dictionary, "tiil" is "foot \feet (pl.) \leg \limb ". See more translations below.

tiil noun
foot \feet (pl.) \leg \limb
ang parte sa lawas sa tawo o hayop nga maoy gamiton sa paglakaw o pagdalagan noun
foot \feet (pl.) \leg \limb
mga tiil noun
paa noun
upper leg
bagtak noun
calf \shin (see also bitiis)
tiil sa likoran nga bahin noun
hind leg \back leg
dagko og tiil adjective
having big feet or legs \megapod \sciapodous (Zool.)
gagmay og tiil adjective
having tiny or small legs \micropodal (Zool.) \micropodous (Zool.)
usa ray tiil adjective
having one leg \one footed \one legged \uniped (Zool.)
duhay tiil adjective
having two legs \biped
tuloy tiil adjective
having three legs \tripedal
upat ang tiil adjective
quadruped \tetrapod (Zool.) \tetrapous (Zool.)
daghan og tiil adjective
having many feet or legs \polypod (Zool.)
may tiil adjective
having leg or foot \legged
porma og tiil adjective
foot-like \pediform \pedate
sama sa tiil adjective
foot-like \pediform \pedate
mahitungod sa tiil adjective
about the foot or leg \pedary \podalic
megapod adjective
having large feet
micropodous adjective
having extremely small feet
creature with one foot
pedary adjective
pert. to feet or walking
pedate adjective
like a foot
pediform adjective
foot shaped
pedigerous adjective
having feet
podalic adjective
pert. to feet
polypod adjective
many legged
quadruped adjective
four-footed mammal
sciapodous adjective
with large feet
tetrapod adjective
tetrapous adjective
tripedal adjective
having three feet
uniped adjective
one legged or one footed person

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