Bisaya English Translation of takubo

In bisaya english dictionary, "takubo" is "mother-of-pearl oyster \pearl oyster \pearl clam \big oyster (see also". See more translations below.

takubo noun
mother-of-pearl oyster \pearl oyster \pearl clam \big oyster (see also kinhason)
takubo noun
mother-of-pearl \pearl clam \pearl oyster \big oyster \oyster
ang dako nga kinhason nga maoy gigikanan sa perlas noun
mother-of-pearl oyster \pearl oyster \pearl clam \big oyster (see also kinhason)
masabay noun
golden lip pearl ( Pinctaba maxima)
higante nga takubo noun
( Tridacna gigas) giant clam > Other known giant clams, which are endangered species and already in the brink of extinction are: Tridacna derasa (the second largest clam, also called smooth or southern giant clam), Hippopus hippupos (strawberry clam), Hippopus porcenlanus (China clam). One giant clam was found by a Muslim diver in the deep seas off Palawan in 1935, it turned out to be the mother pearl of the “Pearl of Allah” or the “Pearl of Lao Tzu” (see also perlas)
giant clam noun
( Tridacna gigas) a very big clam that measures up to 1.4 meters long, found in the Philippine seas. Its meat is considered an aphrodisiac in Asia-Pacific countries. Its shells are used as dishes, tools, jewelry, ornaments, also used as baptismal and holy water fonts in old churches, and wash bowl in some restaurants. Although this clam spawn eggs by the multitude, its larval mortality is also high. This giant clam was considered virtually extinct in Philippine waters in surveys done in 1985, but it is reseeded in Pangasinan seas by the University of the Philippines Marine Sciences Institute (UPMSI) and the local government of Pangasinan, a successful effort in putting back the giant clam in the Philippine seas.

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