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In bisaya english dictionary, "suba" is "meat stuff in a dish". See more translations below.

suba noun
meat stuff in a dish
subak noun
meat stuff in a dish
sapa noun
salog noun
sapasapa noun
rivulet \creek \brook \stream
baba sa suba noun
estuary \delta
sanga sa sapa o suba noun
tributary stream or river
mabaw nga parte sa suba noun
sa suba adjective
of or about rivers \fluvial
taliwala sa mga suba adjective
between rivers \interfluvial
ilawom sa suba adjective
beneath the river \at bottom of a river \subfluvial
duol o daplin sa suba adjective
adjacent to or near the river bank \riparian
affluent noun
tributary stream flowing to a river
brook noun
a small stream but not so large as a river
brook noun
tributary stream or creek flowing on a marshy ground
brooklet noun
small brook
cofluent noun
stream that flow or coming together with the main river
creek noun
a small stream larger than a brook
crick noun
a creek
distributary noun
a river branch flowing away from the main stream
effluent noun
stream flowing away from the main body of a river
estuary noun
the wide part of a river near where it joins the sea
interamnian adjective
between rivers
interfluvial adjective
between two rivers flowing in the same direction
lethe noun
a river of Hades whose water causes forgetfulness of the past in those who drink it
potamophobia noun
fear of river or running water
rill noun
a little or very small brook
rio noun
a river
river noun
considerable big size of flowing body of water
rivulet noun
a little stream
stream noun
body of small running water
subfluvial adjective
beneath, or at bottom, of a river
wadi noun
watercourse drying up in summer often formed an oasis
cagayan river noun
the largest and longest river in the Philippines, can be found in Cagayan Province, east of Luzon
suba noun
sliced, cubed, or rent pieces of meat used as one of the ingredients in cooking foods \meat stuff in a dish


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