Bisaya English Translation of sakayan

In bisaya english dictionary, "sakayan" is "boat (see also barko) ". See more translations below.

sakayan noun
boat (see also barko)
gamay nga sakyanan sa tubig o dagat noun
boat (see also barko)
bangka noun
boat (see also barko)
linayagan nga sakayan noun
linayagan nga sakayan sa Zamboanga noun
balulang noun
bangka nga de-motor noun
bangka nga pampasahero noun
passenger boat
bangka nga tulin kaayo moandar noun
bangka nga molupad noun
flying boat
bangka nga papel noun
paper boat
baruto noun
small outrigger boat\skiff
sakyanan sa tubig o dagat nga kinatigan noun
sakayan nga bugsay ang pampadagan noun
canoe \kayak \rowing boat
paraw noun
sailboat with outriggers and sails
dekatig noun
sailboat with outriggers and sails
yate noun
tatayak noun
a native sailing boat in Batanes island that uses peg instead of nails to hold its parts. It is shaped according to how the Ivatan ancestors prescribed centuries ago. Legend describes it as a vehicle that slices through the largest ocean waves with ease. Each panel is carved out of the tree trunk, measuring from 4-meter long and a meter wide to 7-meter long and a meter wide. Each tatayak is made of expensive wood called vayuy, or may be replaced with cheaper alternative woods such as bataraw, alimbasaw or aryus, the so called century tree. Modern tatayak is now made of fiberglass. > vinta = (n.) Mindanao’s Moro sail boat with wide colorful sail

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