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Bisaya English Translation of saging

What is the definition and translation of saging in English?

Cebuano English Part of Speech
saging banana ( Musa Spp.) noun
saging banana noun
tanom nga bani ang punoan, lagpad ang dahon nga may tag-as nga palwa, may puso ang binulig nga sipi sa bunga, sagad modalag ang panit kung mahinog ang bunga nga lamian og unod banana ( Musa Spp.) noun
puso sa saging banana heart noun
bulig sa saging clump or bunch of banana fruits noun
unas dried and brown banana leaf noun
ubod sa saging inner part of banana trunk noun
turon banana fruit coated in melted brown sugar, fried and wrapped in lumpiya wrapper noun
baduya banana fruit drenched in batter and fried noun
nilusak cooked and pounded banana fruit mixed with sugar and grated coconut noun
sab-a a variety of banana that is good served if cooked noun
amas a variety of sweet tasting banana fruit that can be eaten fresh when ripe, also known by its name as the “gold finger” noun
senyorita a variety of sweet tasting banana with tiny fruits, have thin skin that turns yellow-green to bright yellow when ripe and easily come off from the bunch noun
abaka abaca noun
plantain ( Musa X paradisiaca) a hybrid banana plant that is widely cultivated in the Western Hemisphere noun


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