Bisaya English Translation of pahid

In bisaya english dictionary, "pahid" is "wipe \wipe cloth ". See more translations below.

pahid noun
wipe \wipe cloth
pangtrapo noun
wipe \wipe cloth
nusnos noun
wipe \wipe cloth
ignunosnos noun
wipe \wipe cloth
pangnusnos noun
wipe \wipe cloth
igpapahid noun
wipe \wipe cloth
pangpahid noun
wipe \wipe cloth
pahiran noun
wipe \wipe cloth
pamahid noun
wipe \wipe cloth
ang ipangtrapo noun
rag (see also trapo, panyo)
trapo noun
rag (see also trapo, panyo)
igtatrapo noun
rag (see also trapo, panyo)
trapohan noun
rag (see also trapo, panyo)
pahiran sa tiil diha sa pultahan noun
pahiran sa kamot noun
hand towel
trapo sa plato ug mga gamit sa pagkaon noun
dishcloth \dishrag
ang ipangpahid sa salog noun
trapo sa salog noun
papha sa abog noun
duster \dustcloth
papha noun
duster \dustcloth
pamapha noun
duster \dustcloth
igpapapha noun
duster \dustcloth
napkin noun
napkin sa lamesa noun
table napkin
napkin sa bata nga ibitay paghigot sa liog noun
bib \chin-wiper \face cloth
papel nga ipamahid noun
tissue paper
papel sa kasilyas nga pangpahid o pang-ilo noun
toilet paper
panapton o gapas nga nakabulibod tumoy sa pangkukog, pangkuhit, o pangpahid noun
burador noun
eraser (see also igpapala)
pamala noun
eraser (see also igpapala)
kalis noun
wiper \strickle (see also kahig, kakha)
bagnos noun
friction \a rub \chafe
bag-id noun
friction \a rub \chafe
bagnid noun
friction \a rub \chafe
panarapo nga pabagnod noun
wiping off \a hard rub against something
tagapapha noun
paragpapha noun
pagtrapo aron mahinlo verb
wipe clean (see also pagpahid)

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