Bisaya English Translation of ngipon

In bisaya english dictionary, "ngipon" is "tooth ". See more translations below.

ngipon noun
ang midusol nga bukog sa lagos, gamiton sa pag-usap ug pagpaak noun
mga ngipon noun
bag-ang noun
molar tooth
bangkil noun
canine tooth (see also tango)
postiso noun
denture \false teeth
bansil noun
gold or any metallic dental jacket, brace or embedment laid on the tooth
ngipon sa sudlay noun
dent, as of comb
ngipon sa makinarya noun
gear of wheel, etc.
han-ay sa ngipon noun
arrangement of teeth
panurok sa ngipon noun
the growth of a tooth \dentition
mura og ngipon adjective
like a tooth \tooth-like
sa ngipon adjective
for or of the teeth \dental
bicuspids noun
an adult teeth with two-pointed crowns next to molars, also called the “remolar tooth”
bucktooth noun
a projecting frontal tooth
dentine noun
dental ivory or bone-like substance forming tooth
denture noun
a full set of artificial teeth
dogtooth noun
a canine tooth, either of the eyeteeth
eyetooth noun
pointed tooth in the upper jaw between the bicuspids and the incisors, also called the “upper canine tooth”
incisor noun
any of the 8 frontal cutting teeth of a human being or those on the jaw of canine
milkteeth noun
first set of temporary teeth of young children or animals
molar noun
tooth or set of teeth adapted or capable of grinding
wisdom tooth noun
late growing back tooth on each jaw in human beings, it usually appears between ages of 17 to 25 years old

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