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Bisaya English Translation of magtutugtog

What is the definition and translation of magtutugtog in English?

Cebuano English Part of Speech
magtutugtog accompanist (see also magduduyog) noun
tagatugtog sa duyog sa awit accompanist (see also magduduyog) noun
magduduyog accompanist (see also magduduyog) noun
paragduyog accompanist (see also magduduyog) noun
tagatugtog sa instrumento sa musika instrumentalist noun
magduduyog accompanist noun
tagaduyog accompanist noun
paragduyog accompanist noun
organista organ player \organist noun
taga-organ organ player \organist noun
piyanista piano player \pianist noun
tagapiyano piano player \pianist noun
magbabanda bandsman \band member noun
musikero musician noun
gitarista guitar player \guitarist noun
tagagitara guitar player \guitarist noun
bayolinista violin player \violinist noun
magbabaho bass player \bassist \contrabassist noun
bahonista bass player \bassist \contrabassist noun
tagabaho bass player \bassist \contrabassist noun
trumpetero trumpet player \trumpeter noun
tagaturotot trumpet player \trumpeter noun
tagatambol drum beater \drummer noun
magtatambol drum beater \drummer noun

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