Bisaya English Translation of maanyag

In bisaya english dictionary, "maanyag" is "beautiful \pretty \good-looking \cute \lovely \appealing \dainty ". See more translations below.

maanyag adjective
beautiful \pretty \good-looking \cute \lovely \appealing \dainty
guwapa adjective
beautiful \pretty \good-looking \cute \lovely \appealing \dainty
nindot adjective
beautiful \beauteous \nice \fine \pleasant \terrific \exquisite \winsome
maanindot adjective
beautiful \beauteous \nice \fine \pleasant \terrific \exquisite \winsome
maanyag kay pution og pamanit adjective
fairish \with fair-skinned beauty
dalaygon ang kaanyag adjective
madanihon adjective
makaiibog adjective
makabibihag ang kaanyag adjective
alluring \captivating (see also makabibihag)
elegante adjective
glamoroso adjective
nindot og lawas adjective
sexy (see also seksi)
makapaulag ang gipakita nga lihok o kaanyag adjective
seductive \seducing \sexually provocative (see also makabibihag)
matentalon ang kaanyag adjective
seductive \seducing \sexually provocative (see also makabibihag)
(adj, Scot.) handsome or pretty that is pleasing to the eye, also spelled as “bonnie”
dainty adjective
delicately pretty or lovely
euphonic adjective
having to do with the quality of having a pleasing sound
euphonious adjective
pleasant sound that is agreeable to the ear
exquisite adjective
very beautiful or lovely with appealing excellence, esp. in a delicate or carefully sought out, chosen, ascertained, devised, or done that makes something extraordinarily fine or admirable
(adj, inf.) exceptionally good or unusual that seems hard to believe because it is known about only through myths or legends
fairish adjective
good-looking beauty due to its moderately light colored complexion, often referring to a woman
magnificent adjective
beautiful in an exceptional & grand appearance, usually referring to the richness or sumptuousness of the construction, decoration, form, etc.
photogenic adjective
that looks attractive or having features that look well in photographs, usually referring to a person’s face or physical appearance in the picture
spectacular adjective
unusual and strikingly attractive characterized by an impressive, large-scale display
winsome adjective
sweetly or innocently charming or attractive in a sweet, engaging way
venustraphobia noun
fear of beautiful women

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