Bisaya English Translation of hilo

In bisaya english dictionary, "hilo" is "poison \toxin ". See more translations below.

hilo noun
poison \toxin
ilimnon o pagkaon nga makamatay noun
poison \toxin
lanag noun
poison \toxin
hilo para sa mga dangan o insekto noun
hilo para sa mga sagbot noun
hilo para sa bitok noun
pangpurga noun
igpupurga noun
lala sa hayop noun
venom (see also lala)
makahilo nga organismo nga nanglutaw sa kadagatan noun
red tide
londres noun
thread \yarn
sinulid noun
thread \yarn
arsenic noun
a grayish-white element with metallic luster, evaporates when heated, and forms poisonous compounds (Chem. Symbol: As)
botulism noun
often fatal poisoning or disease of the nervous system characterized by muscular paralysis and disturbances of vision and breathing, acquired from spoiled foods, as in improperly canned, preserved or marinated foods in which botulinus bacteria (botulin) is present
cyanide noun
an extremely poisonous substance composed of a cyanogen group in combination with some element or radical; particularly, potassium cyanide (Chem. Symbol: KCN) or sodium cyanide (Chem. Symbol: NaCN)
herbicide noun
chemical substance used to kill weeds
iophobia noun
fear of poison
red tide noun
paralytic shellfish poisoning, occasionally affecting the Philippine seas and its mollusk
strychnine noun
a colorless, crystalline poison
toxiphobia noun
fear of poison
vermicide noun
a drug or substance used to kill parasitic intestinal worms
hilo noun


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