Bisaya English Translation of espiritu

In bisaya english dictionary, "espiritu" is "soul \spirit \psyche ". See more translations below.

espiritu noun
soul \spirit \psyche
ang diwa sa patay noun
soul \spirit \psyche
kalag noun
soul \spirit \psyche
multo noun
ghost \spook \specter (US) \spectre (Brit.) \apparition
daotan nga kalag noun
bad spirits (see also aswang)
kabalhinan sa kalag noun
transmigrating \metensomatosis
daghan og kalag adjective
having many souls \polypsychic
paghatag kalag verb
endow with a soul or spirit \ensoul
sa espiritu adjective
esprit noun
incubus noun
a male spirit that forces himself sexually on a living woman
metempsychosis noun
the passing of the soul at death into another body, either human or animal
phasmophobia noun
fear of ghosts
pneumatiphobia noun
fear of spirits
psyche noun
the human soul
revenant noun
a person thought to be a ghost who returns after a long absence
specter adjective
a ghost or apparition of feared or dreaded spirit
spectre adjective
a specter
spectrophobia noun
fear of specters or ghost
succubus noun
female spirit that forces herself on a living man
succubi noun
plural of succubus
transmigrating noun
the Hindu belief of passing soul into another body at death
transmigration noun
the act or process of transmigrating

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