Bisaya English Translation of espada

In bisaya english dictionary, "espada" is "sword ". See more translations below.

espada noun
taas nga hinagiban nga pangtigbas noun
badong noun
Moro sword
kris noun
pinuti noun
very sharp bolo with a silver-like blade due to frequent or thorough whetting
samuray noun
simatar noun
sundang noun
bolo \bill-hook
usa ka matang sa isda nga nipison ug taason og lawas ingon og hinagiban nga espada, noun
scabbardfish (see also isda)
backsword noun
a sword with a blade sharpened on only one edge
cutlass noun
a short, thick, curving sword with a single cutting edge
foil noun
a thin, long sword used in fencing with a button on the point to prevent injury
machete noun
a large Central and South American large, heavy-bladed knife used for cutting down sugar cane, dense, underbrush, etc.
rapier noun
a sword with slender and two-edged blade chiefly used for thrusting
saber noun
a heavy warrior’s sword with slightly curved blade. In fencing, it is a sword heavier than a foil that can be used for slashing and thrusting movement
sabre noun
a saber sword
samurai noun
a long, slightly curved sword worn by a Japanese army officer
scimitar noun
an Arabian or Turkish short, curved sword with an edge on the outside curve of the blade
yataghan noun
a Turkish short saber with a double-curved blade and a hilt without a guard
espada noun
scabbardfish \swordfish

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