Bisaya English Translation of eroplano

In bisaya english dictionary, "eroplano" is "airplane \aeroplane (Brit) \aircraft \plane \airship ". See more translations below.

eroplano noun
airplane \aeroplane (Brit) \aircraft \plane \airship
sakyanan sa kahanginan noun
airplane \aeroplane (Brit) \aircraft \plane \airship
eroplanohan nga panglawig noun
airliner \liner
ang lawas sa eroplano noun
airbus noun
a extremely large short-range or medium-range subsonic jet passenger airplane designed for mass transportation of passengers
biplane noun
an airplane with two sets of wings or two main supporting surfaces placed one above the other
bomber noun
an airplane designed to carry and drop bombs
convertiplane noun
an airplane that can take off and lands vertically like a helicopter, and can fly forward like a conventional fixed-wing aircraft
drone noun
an unmanned airplane or helicopter guided by a remote control
fighter-bomber noun
a fighter plane designed to carry bombs and rockets in addition to its normal weapons and ammunitions
flying boat noun
a seaplane with a hull designed for floating and can land on and take off from water
fuselage noun
the main body of an aircraft where the crew and the passengers or cargo is accommodated
hydroplane noun
a small, light flat-bottomed powerboat that can skim on the surface of the water at high speeds using hydrofoils
kamikaze noun
an aircraft used by World War II special corps in the Japanese air force, charged with the suicidal mission of crashing an aircraft laden with explosives into an enemy target, esp. a warship
monoplane noun
an single-seater airplane with only one main supporting surface
seaplane noun
an airplane designed to take off and land on the sea
triplane noun
an airplane with three sets of wings or main supporting surfaces arranged one above another

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