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Bisaya English Translation of baki

What is the definition and translation of baki in English?

Cebuano English Part of Speech
baki frog \toad noun
hayop sa tubigan nga maglukso-lukso sa mamala, mokokak ang tingog frog \toad noun
pitopito sa baki tadpole noun
sa baki of or about the frog \ranine adjective
bufonophobia fear of toads noun
bullfrog ( Rana catesbeiana) a large American frog that has a deep, loud croak noun
north american bullfrog ( Rana catesbeiana) a large species of bullfrog that weighs up to a kilo, a voracious predator that gorge on crustaceans, fish, other frogs, salamander and even occasional bird. noun
ranidaphobia fear of frogs noun
toad leaping tailless anuran amphibians that live on moist land and lay their eggs on water, has rough, warty skin noun


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