Bisaya English Translation of baboy

In bisaya english dictionary, "baboy" is "pig (see also baboy ihalas) ". See more translations below.

baboy noun
pig (see also ihalas)
ang hayop nga moiwik, lapad ang simod diin nahimutang ang duha ka lungag sa ilong, ang hayop nga pakaonon og pasaw, ang paborito nga hayop nga litsonon sa Pilipinas noun
pig (see also ihalas)
anay nga baboy noun
landay noun
old sow
buto noun
male swine that is not castrated \boar \male pig
butakal noun
male swine that is not castrated \boar \male pig
barako noun
male swine that is not castrated \boar \male pig
baktin noun
piglet \suckling
kababoyan noun
karne sa baboy noun
pork (see also karne)
karne sa may paa nga bahin sa baboy noun
pig-i noun
kuko sa baboy noun
hoof (see also kuko)
panon o hut-ong sa mga baboy noun
a herd of pigs \a herd of swine \a sounder of tame swine \a drift of wild swine
sa baboy adjective
farrow noun
litter of pigs
hog noun
swine that weigh more than 120 pounds
peccary noun
pig-like mammals of N. & S. Amer., with a musk gland, sharp tusks, & pork-like flesh
pig noun
swine that weigh less than 120 pounds, also called porker
swine noun
the family of boar, sow, hog, and pig

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