Bisaya English Translation of babaye

In bisaya english dictionary, "babaye" is "woman \female creature (see also pagkababaye) ". See more translations below.

babaye noun
woman \female creature (see also pagkababaye)
nilalang nga adunay bisong ug sabakan aron manamkon sa liwat noun
woman \female creature (see also pagkababaye)
katugbang sa lalaki noun
woman \female creature (see also pagkababaye)
bata nga babaye noun
dalaga noun
maid \unmarried woman \single woman
dumalaga noun
young lady \female teenager \big girl
dumalagahay noun
young lady \female teenager \big girl
minyo nga babaye noun
married woman \feme covert (Fr.)
may kinaiya nga iya sa babaye adjective
female \womanlike \ladylike
babaye nga mura og lalaki ang dagway o pamarog adjective
babaye nga bulaw ang buhok noun
panon o pundok sa mga babaye noun
a group of girls or women \a bevy of ladies \bevy
ang babaye nga nawad-ang sa dungog sa katilingban tungod sa pakighilawas sa lainlain nga mga lalaki noun
kabit nga babaye noun
mistress (see also kabit)
kadili gusto og babaye noun
babaye nga dumtanon noun
kasilag ngadto sa mga babaye noun
hatred of women \misogyny (see also kasuko)
androgynous adjective
both male and female in one
bag lady noun
a homeless, destitute, old woman who wanders around the city carrying a bag that contains her personal belongings
belle noun
the prettiest or most popular woman or girl
bitch noun
a promiscuous woman
blonde noun
a woman or girl who has light-colored hair, usually with fair skin and blue or gray eyes
brunette noun
a woman or girl who has black or dark-brown hair, usually with a dark eyes and a dark complexion
caligynephobia noun
fear of beautiful or sexually attractive girls
call-girl noun
a female prostitute who is contacted by telephone
cutie noun
a cute pretty girl or young lady
dame noun
a woman; girl
damsel noun
a young girl; maiden
demimondaine noun
a woman of the demimonde
demimonde noun
the class of women with disgraced social standing because of their sexual promiscuity
demoiselle noun
a damsel
feme noun
a woman
feme covert noun
a married woman
giantess noun
woman of great size & has extraordinary powers
gymnemania noun
obsession for women
parthenophobia noun
fear of virgins or young girls
venustraphobia noun
fear of beautiful women
virago noun
a woman of great stature, strength, & courage

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