Bisaya English Translation of away

In bisaya english dictionary, "away" is "fight \action \affray \fray ". See more translations below.

away noun
fight \action \affray \fray
bugno noun
fight \action \affray \fray
kombate noun
combat \hand to hand combat \hand to hand fight \skirmish
manomano noun
hand-to-hand combat
sinuntokay noun
sinumbagay noun
boksing noun
roborobo nga away noun
scrimmage \a rough-and-tumble fight \tussle
panaglalis nga magkalainay og buot noun
quarrel (see also lalis)
away sa mag-uyab o nagminahalay noun
lover’s quarrel
away sa iro noun
away sa toro noun
away sa manok panabong noun
sabong noun
away sa layog noun
layogay noun
away gamit ang espada noun
fencing \sword fight
pininsingay noun
fencing \sword fight
away gamit ang pusil noun
pinusilay noun
away sa mga tribu noun
tribal war
tribu kontra tribu noun
tribal war
away sa mga lumad noun
ethnic war
kagubot o panag-away sa isigkamolupyo diha sa pareho nga katilingban noun
civil war (see also giyera)
molupyo kontra molupyo noun
civil war (see also giyera)
gubat noun
battle \war \combat (see also giyera)
giyera sa mga eroplano nga maggukoray noun
dogfight (Mil.)
pag-away verb
fight (see also pagpakigsangka)
sumpaki noun
bickering \burst up \disputation \contention \dispute \hassle \quarrel
bangga sa abilidad noun
contest \competition \match \sparring \bout (see also pag-indigay)
panagsangka noun
contest \competition \match \sparring \bout (see also pag-indigay)
sangkaanay noun
contest \competition \match \sparring \bout (see also pag-indigay)
fracas noun
a noisy quarrel
skirmish noun
a brief fight or encounter between small groups, as while in a battle or insurgency
away noun
unrest \revolution \disorder \trouble (see also kasamok)
away noun
hand to hand combat \hand to hand fight \fistfight \skirmish (see also away)


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