Bisaya English Translation of asawa

In bisaya english dictionary, "asawa" is "wife ". See more translations below.

asawa noun
ang babaye nga giminyoan noun
ang babaye nga kapikas sa kinabuhi (id.) noun
esposa noun
misis noun
mistress (abbr.: Mrs.) \madame (abbr.: Mdme.)
ginang noun
mistress (abbr.: Mrs.) \madame (abbr.: Mdme.)
asawa sa hari noun
rayna noun
hara noun
asawa sa presidente noun
first lady
kadaghan og asawa o bana noun
kadaghan og asawa noun
kadaghan og bana noun
makiasawa adjective
submissive to one’s wife \fond of one’s wife \uxorious
mahiligon sa asawa adjective
submissive to one’s wife \fond of one’s wife \uxorious
lalaki nga taglima ang asawa noun
lalaki nga tag-upat ang asawa noun
asawa nga bulag sa bana noun
grass widow
asawa nga pirme biyaan sa bana noun
grass widow
daghan og asawa adjective
having many wives \polygamous
panapaw noun
covetousness \adultery (see also pangabit)
countess noun
the earl’s or count’s wife or his widow
empress noun
the emperor’s wife or his widow
fishwife noun
a wife who sells fish
grass widow noun
a woman who is divorced or temporarily separated from her husband because he is often away for short periods of time
harem noun
a group of women who are associated with one man, these women is comprised of the wives, concubines, women servants, and female relatives, who usually occupy a secluded part in the house
housewife noun
a wife whose principal occupation is being in charge of a household and to take care family’s domestic affairs
margravine noun
the margrave’s wife
mate noun
one’s partner in a couple
madam noun
pl. of madame
mesdames noun
plural of mistress (abbr.: Mrs.) or madam (abbr.: Mdme), and is abbreviated as “Mmes.”
pentagamist noun
a man who has five wives
polygamy noun
the situation or practice of having more than one spouses at the same time
polygyny noun
the situation or practice of having more than one wives or female mates at the same time
quadrigamist noun
a man who has four wives
queen noun
the king’s wife or his widow
spouse noun
the wife or husband of a married person
sultana noun
the wife of a sultan
vicereine noun
the viceroy’s wife
zenana noun
the part of the house allotted to women, as being practiced in India, Iran and some other Muslim household

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