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google.com [cebuano / english]

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Translation: pal nla ghap bulad mag otang nla kta yaw la it bukugon
Translation: Tagae Lang ko Panahon nga ma submitt nako ang medical result
Translation: anchohos naa sa sudlanan
Translation: sige siya ug adto sa church

Translation: to take charge of the pos and all company properteis inview, and protict/preserve the same with utmost diligence

Translation: where
Translation: gabalikbalik kog paminaw aning kanta ay
Translation: ingna lang lang siya na wa pa man ko sapi intawon dri wa pa sweldo...ga higpit ko sa kwarta karn kay kinahanglanon nko inig uli nko dha
Translation: Ailyn Dua hayahaya sa tindiro oh....
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Melody Schmier eheheh mao jud dai kuyaw pud lage kung utangan..ehehehhe bulgar kaayo
2 hours ago · Like

Ailyn Dua ahahahaha,,,,,di na papel ang suwatanan sa otang kundi DINGDING najud..haha
Definition / Info: my daughter in law only speaks this I need to understand what she is saying Thank you

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