Bisaya English Translation of panit

In bisaya english dictionary, "panit" is "skin \membrane \epidermis (see also putos) ". See more translations below.

panit noun
skin \membrane \epidermis (see also putos)
ang ibabaw nga parte nga miputos sa lawas noun
skin \membrane \epidermis (see also putos)
anit noun
skin \membrane \epidermis (see also putos)
panit sa hayop noun
leather \hide
anit noun
leather \hide
anit sa ulo noun
luslos sa otin noun
pakpak noun
peel \peeling \paring
palot noun
peel \peeling \paring
pakpak sa humay noun
rice hull
panit sa kahoy noun
bark \rind \cortex
panit sa tinapay noun
panit sa bunga sa mais noun
baga og panit noun
thick-skinned \pachydermatous (Derma.,Anat.)
nipis og panit adjective
thin-skinned \leptochrous (Derma.)
agit-it noun
dead skin tissue \peelings of skin
ilawom sa panit adjective
under the skin \subcutaneous
lamog-lamog noun
mura og panit adjective
skin-like \dermoid (Derma.)
sakit sa panit noun
skin disease \impetigo \dermatopathy (Derma.)
pamanit noun
complexion \skin texture \skin color
walay panit adjective
dermatophobia noun
fear of skin lesions
dermoid adjective
resembling skin
doraphobia noun
fear of animal fur or skins
leptochrous adjective
having very thin skin
pachydermatous adjective
of or relating to any of the nonruminant hoofed mammals that mostly have a thick skin like the elephant, rhinoceros, carabao, pigs, etc.
pellicle noun
a thin skin or film
sealsksin noun
the fur or pelt of a fur seal

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