Bisaya English Translation of sudlanan

In bisaya english dictionary, "sudlanan" is "entrance \entryway \ingress • pultahan; sira ". See more translations below.

sudlanan noun
entrance \entryway \ingress • pultahan; sira
sudlanan noun
sudlanan noun
entrance (see also ganghaan)
puwerta o entrada sa pagsulod noun
entrance \entryway \ingress • pultahan; sira
ang agian sa pagsulod noun
entrance \entryway \ingress • pultahan; sira
sudlananan noun
entrance \entryway \ingress • pultahan; sira
butangan sa isulod noun
sanggaan noun
receptacle (see also saloranan)
saloranan noun
pan \vessel
sudlanan nga tipiganan sa pagkaon noun
food keeper
bag noun
puyo noun
bulsa noun
basket noun
kapsula noun
basiyo sa bala noun
cartridge \shell
sobre noun
envelope \jacket
putos noun
packaging \wrapper (see also putos)
sudlanan sa tubig noun
water container (see also balde, palanggana, tangke)
baso noun
glass (see also baso)
pitsel noun
galon noun
botelya noun
bottle (see also botelya)
banga noun
jar (see also banga)
kaban noun
chest (see also kahon)
cruet noun
a glass that holds vinegar, soy sauce, oil, and other liquid condiments for the table
pottle noun
a pot or tankard having a liquid capacity equal to two quarts
sudlanan noun

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