Bisaya English Translation of kinhason

In bisaya english dictionary, "kinhason" is "snail \sea snail \marine snail \shellfish \mussel". See more translations below.

kinhason noun
snail \sea snail \marine snail \shellfish \mussel
mga hayop sa dagat nga may bagal noun
snail \sea snail \marine snail \shellfish \mussel
hilahila noun
snail \sea snail \marine snail \shellfish \mussel
bagal sa kinhason noun
seashell (see also bagal)
abahong noun
brown mussel
abaniko noun
Asian moon scallop \sun moon scallop
agihis noun
wedge or bean clam
akegai-asari noun
nylon shell \yellow clam
amumongpong noun
top shell
aninikad noun
pyrula \bear conch
antulang noun
) giant clam (see also takubo)
antulang noun
) scallops
apugan noun
leopard conel
atsa-atsa noun
fan mussel \pen shell
bagongon noun
telescope shell
bilaog noun
jacknife clam
bug-atan noun
Venus clam
bugaton noun
sand clam
bulalo noun
cyprea tigris
bulok-bulok noun
surf clam
bungkawil noun
dog conch
buwao noun
cowry \cowrie
diwal noun
angel wing clam
halaan noun
clam, in general
kapinan noun
abalone (a.k.a sobra-sobra)
kapis noun
windowpane shell \capiz shell
kon noun
kolon noun
kuhol noun
fresh water snail \black river snail
dawodawo noun
litob noun
oyster \cockles
masabay noun
golden lip pearl
sigay noun
money cowrie
sisi noun
sobra-sobra noun
abalone (a.k.a kapinan)
suso noun
snail (see also suso)
tahong noun
green saltwater mussel \mussel \mollusk
takubo noun
mother-of-pearl \pearl clam \pearl oyster \big oyster \oyster
tarab noun
kidney or fan-shell scallops
tikab noun
bay scallop
tipay noun
giant clam
tuway noun
mud clam \clam \bivalve
tuway sa katunggan noun
mangrove mud clam
tuyom noun
sea urchin
umang noun
hermit crab
ostraconophobia noun
fear of shellfish
shellfish noun
any edible aquatic animal with a shell, as the clam, sea snail, or lobster

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